Please check our links for stores and contractors. Delivery is now available
Wines,choice: Red, Rose, Cabernet, Sauvignon, White, or Champagne or beer .Whatever you need we will get it fast if its available.-  Delivery within 3 hours or its free. (from time of verification)
Organic and Healthy-  We now deliver from Whole Food Markets and specialize in knowing their products, making recommendations and delivering from this store. Please email for your delivery options..If your diet needs to be modified, we have a huge list of low calorie and low salt items.
Party Platters & Birthday Cakes - Call the supermarkets deli,and or bakery   department and will pick it up and deliver it on-time for your next occasion.:Departments: Superfresh 215-7253344  ShopRite - 215-3316030 . Acme- 215-3384700  or pickit up yourself.
Soft Pretzels - Coming soon
Books and Magazines,Lottery Tickets, Cigarettes,Fast Food- Balloons, ($1 dollar each; name the occasion),stamps, cigaretts, lottery tickets, Philadelphia Inquirer, Sports Illustrated, Ny Times, practically any magazine and best seller you might want.delivered to your home, office or hotel-Everthing on this list can be combined with any order from our site.
Food -Restaurants,and other Stores:

  • Dattilos Deli - real good Italian deli in NE,with delicious fresh sandwiches,meats
    This deli, uses fresh amoroso rolls and makes outstanding steaks and hoagies
    .Their prices are fair.
  • Pathmark - Low prices , one of my favorite stores .Their bakery has delicous onion rolls.Low prices and good specials  makes this store standout. checkout their circular: ..
  •  Wendys Fast Food 
  • Acme
    What makes Acme stand out? They do delivery for around ten dollars.Not the lowest price super in the area :)
    Go to acme's website for weekly specials:
  • Tastykake -
  • Wawa
  • Superfresh - party platters available: finger foods - deserts ** Same day delivery
    SuperFresh, We guarantee delivery within 3 hours of order, if ordered before 3pm from SuperFresh to your home.Superfresh is starting to do a little better with lower prices
    To checkout Superfresh's weekly specials on their website: 
  • Harry's Health Food - view photo
    Harry's is the most popular Natural Health Food store in the area and carries a full supply of vitamins, herbs, and foods. Harry is usually there to answer your questions and is usually a good source for information when he is not too busy which seems like never. Phone 215-742380

  • Dutch Country Market- Stoltzfus Deli and Meats- 215-7422950 Available Wed- Saturday
    Pa.Dutch -Meats are antibiotic and hormone free.: great tasting selections you can't find too often:fresh roasted chickens  butter beans ($1.99 a lb) in wonderful sauce  to baked scalloped potatoes and carrots baked crisp ($3.99 a lb.), three bean salad, shoefly pie, jellies, hot roast beef and turkey, to low salt turkey breast, ($4.99 a pound), call them to find out what else they have. Open Wed- thru Saturday
  • Famous Deli *Lots of good basic deli items.Great store made Garlic Turkey Breast -$4.99 a lb.,They usually have plain turkey breast ( same as with garlic) for 3.99 to 4.99 a lb. which is probably one of the best deals in Philly for great Turkey Breast. and for $6.99 lb.-they have turkey from the "bone" cooked in the store, and recommened.(unfortunately they don't always have it) 
  • Reiker's Meats -specializing in great cuts of beef, pork and veal specializing in German foods.
  • Jim's Steaks - view menu **** 4 thumbs up for best philly style steak sandwich
    A real PHILLY steak lovers paradise. It gets 4 thumbs up. This is simply one of the best steaks we ever ate anywhere, a wonderful experience. If you want a Philly steak for someone this is it.
  • Shop Rite
    A great if not the best supermarket in the area ( our review) with rotisserie chicken and rotisserie turkey (turkey is often sold out early,call for availability) for approximately,$3.49 a pound, and in-store made ham and sliced turkey that is the best around .Shoprite is consistently very busy for good reasons.Their  low prices on specials makes this store Number one around Philly.Check it out now! Go to ShopRite's webpage for weekly specials:
  • Gaeta's Italian Bakerys - ********** 215-7452262
    Known for their Award Winning
    Pizza and Tomato Pies-Voted Best of Philly for their Tomato Pies on at least one occasion,unfortuately they don't deliver, but we do..small medium , large$7.50 -$12.00-$19.00  They have slightly weird hours, but this is simply a great pizza when the cook puts enough sauce on.Be aware this is more like a tomato pie sprinkled with light grated cheese,but when done right, (well done with touch of blackened crisp dough) and lots of olive oil, and tomato sauce , its impossible to resist..
     recommend ordering all tomato pies with extra sauce.These are their listed business hours although they are not always open: Open 7 days a week - Mon-Thurs: 10am - 6:30 pm, Fri: 9am - 8pm, Sat: 9am - 7pm, Sun: 10am - 5pm.  
  • Country Club Diner,Cakes and Cooked Entrees, - .Go to their website here
    Country Club Restaurant has a large list of take out and bakery items available   Phone 215 722-0500
  • Whole Foods Market  
      They offer fruit juices, vegetables, and practically every fresh organic vegetable and fruit, meat, fish, and non meat products imaginable. They have fresh sesame, walnuts, flax,almonds, legumes, oats, barrels of fresh grains,whole grain cereals, sauces, juices,salads, mixed greens, omega oils, soy ,organic meats, low salt- low sugar,,and thousands of items to please the person looking for fresh or organic..
  • Boston Chicken
    GREAT COOKED HAM and CHICKEN, and good SIDE ORDERS - Sliced cooked ham and turkey :$ 7.99 a lb. Sides (veggies) $2.25
  •  Best Value Kosher Goods- Outstanding Food Trays
    We think their Health Salad at $3.99 a lb is very healthy and tasty.Ever tried Kosher Chicken? They make packaged cooked chicken daily that is very good. If you need great jewish prepared food, this is the place.Try their "kasha and bow ties, or brisket of beef" ..They have excellent prepared food "trays" for special occasions for example, weddings, or deaths, or holidays.Ps their service is not the best but their food is worth any inconvenience , try their brisket of beef.
  • The Rib Rack - view menu
    Award winning food. Barbecued chicken and ribs that taste really really good. 
  • China Wok in the Huntington Valley Shopping Center... RATED  high  good Food - Their food is really really good but prices are a bit steep. .
  • Lee's Hoagies - view menu - hoagie and wrap trays - croissant trays / 4 ft. hoagies
  • Wongs Chinese Food - view menu 2156766620 Welsh Road Quality delicious food. Try their chicken chow mein.The only negative waiting too long
  • England Pizza -New try their new crispy thin crust pizza, very good. Fresh good consistent food, nice owner.If you are in the mood for real turkey in your hoagie,Try their turkey hoagies. Tell them you saw it here.
  • Red Lobster
  • Philly Pretzel Factory - Soft Pretzels 17cents each ( prices subject to change)

Personal Services, Specials, and Contractors 
 Below is a list recommended contractors or services.. We don't just list an address, these people pay us nothing , but are tried and reliable contractors . Do you know of a reliable contractor? Please let us know.

  • Brick Pointing A &C Brick and Stone Pointing - Good work Free Estimates- Brick and Stone Pointing 215-725-4436
  • B and Z Air Conditioning Service
    Appliance and window and central airconditioner installation.These guys really know how to install custom or regular wall , window units. and now do central units. Ask For Stevie.. We recommend their installation for window units.. Phone 215 331-9600
  • Professional Folk Artist - Sharon Eyres who sells her beautiful Folk Art ONLINE Although this artist is not from Philly she is fantastic and if you can still attain her art, its a definite recommendation.This artist is becoming famous and its still not too late to get your original artwork.Phillydelivery recommends this artist /

  • Man with Van - $50  for half day plus mileage . Can help with cleanups or small moves. Can carry up to 100 pounds on his end till van is full.
  • Sperduto Masonary and Concrete.Philly Delivery recommends their work. . 
  •  low cost antique and furniture appraisals via the internet .Save big money

Unfortunately we are not delivering because of high price of gas but use our reviews for good choices in services.

Click here to place an order now.... Sorry unfortunately our delivery is closed but do try our recommended contractors or local merchants.



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